Back to the Basics: Raw Dairy

Raw milk has been in the human diet since the beginning.  We feed it to our babies (breast milk is raw human milk), and chances are your grandparents and great grandparents drank raw milk either from a cow or goat.  God listed milk and honey to be abundant in the promised land.  Peoples around the world today consume raw milk in large quantities…so why does it scare us?


We’ve been indoctrinated.  From childhood we saw the word pasteurized on our prized milk carton as we went to grab a glass to go with our cookies, cereal, or donuts.  Most of us didn’t even know what RAW milk meant the first time we saw the word.  We read of the horrors of people who died from contaminated raw milk in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and how tuberculous spread through raw milk, thus pasteurization was born and quickly became popular.

What we aren’t told is that the milk that killed so many was from sick cows, in crowded quarters, fed less than an ideal diet…these cows were eating leftover grain sludge from the breweries that made alcohol.  No, this they do not tell us.

This is a great chart on the practices, nutrition, safety, and history of raw milk.

Why WE drink raw milk:

First we believe God gave us milk in raw form to nourish our bodies and act as a medicinal food.

Second our eldest son was diagnosed with asthma when he was a toddler.  He spent most of his infant years hooked up to a nebulizer, receiving breathing treatments up to 6 times a day to keep him out of the hospital…and he spent many days in the hospital.  Eventually they switched him to an inhaler as he grew.  Every year he spent time in the hospital or ER for some kind of pulmonary problem.  I read about a study that was done is Europe that showed raw milk protected children from asthma.  The last time my son got pneumonia, I was done.

I was done with the daily meds, and rescue medication.  Done with the endless Dr. appts, and hospital and ER visits at 2 am because he can’t breathe and 105 temperatures.  We drank raw milk here and there for years.  But it was hard to get when we lived in NC at it was illegal and I had to buy it from a bordering state.  Not cost effective.  When we moved to FL, it was available but at $11 a gallon it didn’t really fit into our budget as easily as the $6 organic milk.  But I couldn’t take it anymore and we made the switch to raw only.

 We stopped drinking milk as a beverage and treated it as a living food.  Instead of giving my kids 16 ounces of milk every day, they each received 6 ounces every morning.  That was it.  I still made our yogurt from the cheaper organic milk for a several months.  Now that we live in CT, raw milk is abundant and even sold in stores.  It isn’t cheap at $13 a gallon, but it is the only thing we buy…even for our yogurt making.  We consume less milk now than ever but the quality of the milk we drink is top notch.  The good news: my son didn’t get ill for the first time this past winter.  He is also off of all of his asthma meds.  None.

I realize raw milk isn’t for everyone.  I simply present this information and our story so you can see the other side of the milk story.  I know some of you would love to drink raw milk but simply can’t source it or afford it.  That’s okay.  God is our provider and protector, we trust in Him, not our food choices.  Simply buy the best food you can afford and God has made available to you.


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  1. says

    “God is our provider and protector, we trust in Him, not our food choices. Simply by the best food you can afford and God has made available to you.” I love that. So many blogs end up making people feel like they’re second rate if they eat/drink or don’t eat/drink this or that. While I believe being a good steward of our bodies should be a priority, we can all only do so much with the budgets we each have. Thanks for offering a balanced view of these things!

  2. says

    We love our raw milk over here! Of course, I do have three littles who still cannot do raw milk or products made with it because they are truly allergic to it, but the rest of us love it!

    • Katie says

      Sorry to hear they are allergic. We had to go completely dairy free with two of our children…thankfully it was short lived. That was not fun.

      • says

        No, it isn’t fun. :0(
        But I am sure glad yours are doing good! At least one of mine can’t even eat beef or he has a reaction! I had never heard of such things until he was diagnosed.

  3. Priscilla W says

    One of our children had eczema (for a few years) and couldn’t totally get rid of it until we changed the type of milk we had from store bought to raw milk…we saw a difference within 2 weeks. I was amazed and am so thankful for raw milk.

    How do you recommend cleaning the jars for raw milk? I have to wash them a few times…or dry them right away…to make sure no spots are left on them. Do the jars need to be sanitized, put in hot oven for awhile ?

    • Katie says

      We buy our raw milk from a local farm. I rinse the bottles out before I return them (there is a $2 deposit for each bottle), but I don’t sanitize them. NOW…if you are milking your own animals then yes you definitely want to sanitize them. Or, if you are bringing your own jars to a farm to be filled then yes you would want to sanitize them as well.


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