Freezing Raw Milk

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We are blessed to live in a state where raw milk is legal and abundant.  Although that hasn’t always been the case.  When we lived in North Carolina I remember buying raw milk from Pennsylvania to stock our freezer with.  Unlike store bought milk, raw milk is not homogenized, meaning that the cream rises to the top.  Once frozen and thawed the cream in raw milk floats around in the milk in small pellet like form and no amount of shaking makes the milk smooth like it’s pre-frozen counterpart.


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I just accepted the fact it would always be that way and we drank ‘chunky’ milk.  Until recently when someone told me to blend the milk in a blender!  Why did I not ever think of that?  It works.  The milk gets a little frothy, almost ‘whipped cream’ like on the top.  No more chunky milk.  Two of my children like the frothy-ness of the milk, the other doesn’t.  I just scoop it off the top and add it to my coffee.


Freezing does not affect the taste of the milk.

Do you freeze milk? 


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    • Katie says

      Yes, but only a little. Nothing like pasteurization. See this article for more info.
      “Freezing puts raw milk products to sleep and has little effect on the important health benefits that raw dairy products provide. Enzymes and bacteria are fully active when they awake after thawing. Some vitamins are reduced by trace amounts after being frozen. The flavor is sometimes slightly affected by this and is not always apparent. All OPDC products may be frozen. Placing the frozen product in warm water to cause thawing. Milk should be shaken to mix up the butterfat after thawing. Warming the product to room temperature just prior to drinking will also make the fat blend in better with the milk (if it has clumped or separated during freezing). Some consumers report that rapid thawing of frozen raw milk makes for better taste. To do this place frozen milk container into warm water for an hour and then place back into refrigerator when thawed and drink it in the next two days for best flavor.”

  1. Naomi says

    I used to just shake my milk in the container just before freezing. No chunks, no froth! I have to say though, that when drinking the “chunky” milk, I never would know it was chunky by just drinking it, but only because my eyes saw it.

  2. says

    Thanks for this. I make raw milk ice-cream all the time but due to the present beautiful hot Summer days, the last lot of the milk for drinking ends up as scones. I have a organic dairy farm reasonably near by but freezing is a great option. I knew it could be done but the blending trick is really useful. I blend our home-made shampoo, which obviates the need for an emulsifier and stops it become ‘stringy’, when it gets cold. I guess you could blend the milk before you freeze it as well as after, which would give you a better initial distribution of the fat. All the best from Normandie, Sue

      • Diane says

        Just so you know, I have been freezing grass fed raw milk for years. Blending before freezing unless doing a pint at time, the milk dose not freeze fast enough to prevent some of the cream separating. I always thaw my milk in (1/2 gallon) in a pan of cool water. If a few ice bites are left I put in fridge over night. I then blend on low speed (blend) not liquifey for 20 seconds. Let milk set after blending for about 3 minutes. I then skim off foam and put in jar. It skims nice and still pour into a clean jug using my tiny meshed tea strainer. Works like a charm even on milk frozen from ‘changling” milk as cows go from haylage to fields. Taste is creamy and fresh and still stays fresh a week or more in fridge. I still can make my yogurt from the frozen milk too. I freeze a gallon a week from mid-April to depending on weather here in the east till first of December. For two of us it lasts until the comes come fresh again! We have herd share from a small herd of A2 cows. Blessings!

  3. Trudy says

    I was just thinking the other day that I must look up whether I could freeze our raw milk to help get us through winter when our cows are dry. We dairy farm for a living so I detest having to buy milk for those 8 – 10 weeks when there’s no milk production. So thank you for this!

    • Kate Jett says

      Trudy, if you stagger your breeding schedule, you will not be “milk-less” at all, especially not for 8–10 weeks. This only happens if you breed all of your cows/heifers at the same time. Stagger it and you will always have milk. Just a suggestion, of course. Speaking from my own dairy farm experience. Good luck.

  4. Melissa says

    Thank you for sharing! We buy milk from OPDC at the farmers market, but there are some weeks I can’t get to the fm. I didn’t like the chunks when I thawed the milk, so we did without a few times, but now I can stalk up and not have the chunks.

  5. says

    Our cow dries up in 10 weeks and you can bet I’m going to try this out and see if we can get at least some milk between then and when she freshens again. Thanks!

  6. Crystal says

    I buy half gallons of raw milk for freezing we shake them put them in the freezer and I shake them as they thaw never had any clumps or chunks it works great for us and they take up less room than the gallons so we can freeze more milk that way!

    • says

      Hi Shawn, that’s a great question. I don’t see anything about blending milk in a blender on that website. It does mention homogenization, which is different than blending in a blender. Homogenization disperses the fat molecules into tiny particles throughout the milk, if left standing for 24 hours the cream will not rise back up to the top. If blended in a blender it smooths the fat/cream so it isn’t a chunky consistency. If left to stand for 24 hours the cream will rise back up to the top of the milk. Hope that helps.

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