Healing Mastitis Naturally {how I did it}

I had mastitis once with my first.  It was bad.  I thought I was dying.  It took a round of antibiotics to kick it to the curb.  Then a whole new set of problems started, thrush.  That was even harder to get rid of.  I didn’t have any problems with mastitis with children 2 and 3.  I’m currently nursing my fourth child and honestly I thought I was past any chance of getting mastitis.

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See, he’s 15 months old and only nurses about 6 times a day.  But then the pain came.  My first thought was a plugged duct.  But within 24 hours I was running a fever, I felt horrible and the pain was getting worse.  This is what I did to treat mastitis naturally.

  • I started taking poke root tincture immediately,  4 drops every 8 hours.
  • Pumped the affected side in between feedings.
  • Took a long hot (as hot as I could stand it) bath, and submerged the affected side.
  • In the bath water I added 2 cups of epsom salt
  • Covered the affected area with hydrated redmond clay, also rubbed hydrated clay over the lymph-nodes (under arms, under knees, neck, jaw, etc)
  • Slept with a cabbage leaf inside my bra covering the affected breast.
  • Wore loose and nonrestrictive clothing.  This includes a supportive nursing bra that isn’t tight , and a loose shirt.

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My fever was gone in 24 hours.  I continued the above steps for a couple of days until the pain started to lessen and by day 4  it disappeared.

Note: If you think you have an infection please see a physician.  Most cases of mastitis need to be treated with antibiotics, and can cause damage to the tissue of the breast if not treated.  I personally did see a physician who prescribed me antibiotics for the infection.  We agreed that I would continue with the natural treatments and if it got worse not better within so many days I was to take the antibiotics.  Thankfully I didn’t need the antibiotics.  I am just sharing my personal experience with you.  You should work closely with a physician should you have such an infection. 

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  1. says

    I’m glad to see that these steps worked for you. I know someone who had mastitis just last week. She did a few of the remedies that you did and just waited it out.

    Thanks for sharing, stopping by from A Mama’s Story.

  2. irene says

    I shredded ginger root into a pan of water, let it simmer on the stove. Then let it cool and soaked a wash cloth in it, then squeezed some of the water out. Laid down on the sofa, plopped the cloth on the breast, covered with a towel then a heating pad. Repeated several times a day. It was much better within 24 hours, and completely healed within a few days. Definitely important to rest as much as possible, usually you won’t have a choice, because you feel so sick.


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