Organizing the Refrigerator

We have 2 fridge/freezer combos and an upright freezer.  We keep our weekly necessities in our fridge/freezer combo that is in our kitchen and ‘shop’ from the others in the garage.  Our freezers can get messy and disorganized pretty quickly.  And so after many, many years and organizational methods, this is what is working at the moment.


While we use glass storage containers for just about everything, glass containers have failed me to many times to count when I’ve put them in the freezer.  So we bought these BPA free containers and they have been serving us well.

fridge 3

I keep post-it notes and a marker handy for labeling and dating the containers.  This is extremely helpful so I know just how long it’s been sitting in there 😉  No more freezer burned food that’s been sitting in the freezer for months and months on end because I either forgot just exactly what it was or how long it’s been in there.  Moving the ‘older’ containers up front helps me to see exactly what it is that I need to use up.



How do you organize your freezer?


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