Valentine Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is almost here, that means sweet treats are going to be in abundance.  Trying to avoid processed sugar or all forms or sugar?  Make these delectable sweets for your sweetie.


Chocolate covered bacon.  Bacon, chocolate…these sweet and savory strips are sure to please you’re most picky loved ones.  chocolate covered bacon

This sugar-free faux chocolate peanut butter mousse is quick to whip up and gives any dinner or gathering a gourmet feel.


Chocolate covered strawberries, an old stand-by that never fails.  Strawberries are generally on sale around Valentine’s day and during the doldrums of winter I love the sweet juicy taste of strawberries under a thick layer or chocolate.  Chocolate-Covered-Strawberries-3

These chocolate dipped raspberry brownie bites are on my list to make for our annual Valentine’s day gathering with friends.

Make these delicious grain-free pancakes and cut into heart shapes with a heart shaped cookie cutter to make that special someone a surprise breakfast.  Top with strawberry syrup and whipped cream.  This is great to do for kids.  They love fun shaped pancakes.

THM whipped cream



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